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Allow me to introduce myself…

I am Reggie “Love” Cason, your Positive Mindset Motivator. My driver is God. My inspiration are my parents. My why are my wife and children. My passion are people. My vision is a world filled with positive minded people achieving their fullest potential in life. My mission is to inspire people to positively transform their lives personally and professionally through coaching and executing developmental strategies. My gifts are education and entertainment, combined as a tool to impact others with succeeding in life. My selected credentials are Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Morehouse College, Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management from American InterContinental University, Extreme Execution Life Coach and DISC Profile Certification via Eric Thomas and Associates. My reason for doing this blog…it’s not only for you, I need it for me as well.

By Reggie “Love” Cason January 1, 2020

My First Blog Post – Life is Wonderful

Everybody say Loooooove…Thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s 2020…the start of a new decade. If you are like me, it seems that life passes us by quickly. We have to take the time to smell the roses and enjoy the wonders of life. I am reminded of this by one of my favorite songs, the classic What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. In the lyrics, Louis Armstrong summarizes what the world has to offer in its purest form..nature and its abundance of beautiful images and resources. We, too, are a part of this abundance and we should not take life for granted. Take the time to appreciate life by spending more quality time with yourself and your loved ones. Use the gifts that have been granted, fulfilling and manifesting your God given purpose and destiny. Lastly, have a servant heart and be sure to pour positivity into yourself and to others.

By Reggie “Love” Cason January 1, 2020

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