How You Be?

“The present is a gift and I just wanna BE!”

by Common, lyric from the song Be

Everybody say Loooooove! Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to host one of our signature events, Scribes & Vibes. While we typically have an interactive experience with our audience at each event, this particular event was special as it was more of an inspirational workshop than an event. In this intimate setting in the community room at the Locust Grove Public Library, we had great diverse minds from all backgrounds and ages sharing their life experiences and gifts that they serve to the world. Our featured artist, Peabody Award Winning Poet, Abyss, summed up the night so poignantly and profoundly…We are human beings, not human doings.

I am channeling my mother, who used to always ask me, “How you be?” If you knew my mother, you knew how much of an educator and wordsmith she was…every sentence you spoke or that you wrote had to be in proper english. However, in her loving, playful inquiry to me was a question that I now see allowed me to ponder who I am. For all my English scholars, the word “be” is one of the most powerful verbs that conjugates into several verbs. Let’s take a look:

The verb be
Infinitive formbe
Present simple:I am, I’m
You are, You’re
He/She/It is, He/She/It’s
We are, we’re
You are, you’re
They are, they’re
?Am I?
Are you?
Is he/she it?
Are we?
Are you?
Are they?
I am not, I’m not
You are not, You aren’t, You’re not
He/She/It is not, He/She/It isn’t, He’s not
We are not, We aren’t, We’re not
You are not, You aren’t, You’re not
They are not, They aren’t, They’re not

Past simpleI was
You were
He/She/It was
We were
You were
They were
?Was I?
Were you?
Was he/she/it?
Were we?
Were you?
Were they?
I was not, I wasn’t
You were not, You weren’t
He/She/It was not, He/She/It wasn’t
We were not, We weren’t
You were not, You weren’t
They were not, They weren’t
Past participlebeen
Present perfecthas/have been
Past perfecthad been
Present participlebeing
Present continuousam/is/are being
Past continuouswas/were being

So I ask you the same question…How you be? Are you living to the potential that God intended for you to be? Are you operating in your gift that you were granted? Are you using your gift to serve or to inspire others? Are you using your gift to positively impact the world? As Abyss asked, are you a human being or human doing? As we reflect on these rhetorical questions, be the person that you are supposed to be. Be the person that you were created to be. Be the person that you were destined to be. Be the person that you were gifted to be.

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4 thoughts on “How You Be?

  1. How you be? Love this! Such a powerful question. Sometimes I’m a human BEING other times a human DOING. The answer is part of my ever evolving journey of self discovery!

    Liked by 1 person

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