Extreme Focus

You cannot hate on me

‘Cause my mind is free

Feel my destiny

So shall it be

by Jill Scott, lyrics from the song Hate on Me

Everybody say Looooooove! For those that believe, it is amazing how the Holy Spirit works. I thought that I was going to be writing another post today. I had it all written in my head, what it was going to be, how people were going to react to it, and the impact that it would have on peoples’ thoughts and mindset. But not today…It is not the day for that message. You will get it but it was not meant for you to see at this time.

Today, we take a moment to celebrate the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This great man was born to make a significant change in this world. He did it with such passion and love for people. He literally laid down his life to ensure that the world would be a better place. Because of his servant leadership, we are able to experience many of the civil liberties that he fought against. He paved the way for justice for humankind through fearless leadership and devotion so that you and I will have a better way of living. He endured the hatred and vitriol that any man or woman in this day would lose their marbles. However hard it was, he did it with grace and dignity. The racial slurs, the stabbing, the assault, the disrespect that he faced…it would test anyone’s patience. However hard it was, he did it with humility. He was jailed at least 29 times, his freedom taken away for a cause he strongly believed in. Experiencing the death threats to him and his family, the constant berating from not only his opposition but also from his own entrusted body, and even the self-doubt slipping in to his mind would have mad any one succumb and not push forward. He had a vision…an extreme focus…a mission…a purpose. This was his driving force. Regardless of whatever anyone else thought, even himself, it was his goal to complete this mission.

We often hear the cliche make your haters your motivators. I want to add to this. It doesn’t rhyme and it is not flashy…make your haters, including yourself, your motivation to complete your mission in life. First define why God put you here on this earth, determine your mission, execute it to the fullest, and complete this mission. Do not let anyone or anything, including yourself, stop you. You do not need any one to affirm you. Stop thinking about what other people think. If you operate in truth and integrity, you will operate authentically and that is operating in your best self.

Early in my career, I was overlooked for positions that I felt that I would have added value. I was told that I did not have the experience to train and develop other professionals. I was told that I needed to get this credential, get that credential, gain this experience, and then they would entertain me being apart of a training program to be a trainer. I was devastated because I knew what I love to do and that was to develop people. I developed the defeatists attitude and then became complacent. I started looking to others to validate me before I could move forward. I decided at that time that I needed to have patience and just wait my turn but was not doing anything to progress my passion. I suppressed my gift. By doing so, it did not just affect me. It not only affected my health and well-being but that I my family and those that cared about me. It also affected those who I could have potentially positively impacted. I was not operating in who I was. I became so complacent that I was just going through the motions of everyday life…being average. That was not me. I had to get myself out of the funk and do so quickly.

Through much prayer and self-motivation, I started to explore those things that I wanted to do….those things that made me the happiest. I refocused on doing a lot of work in the community, in the arts, with youth and with people who wanted to better themselves. My circle of influence started to change. I become more focused on achieving personal and professional goals. It was refreshing and invigorating all at the same time. Even during this time, complacency reared its head but I always had to fight against myself to snap out of it. I became what others thought that I could not be. It did not come easy and I worked really hard at it.

I am operating in my purpose more than ever now and I feel that this is still just the tip of the iceberg. I am realizing that even though you have an ultimate vision and end goal, there are steps that you must take to get there. For me, these steps are order by God and He is the one that has created the blueprint.

Realize that on this journey there are going to be roadblocks and obstacles. Do not let distractions deter you from your destiny. Weeds grow quickly and do not contribute to the aesthetics of a beautiful rose garden. A rose takes its time to develop and blossom through a fertile, enriching and nurturing process. The blossom is bright and vibrant and is protected by the thorns of the stem. It is up to us to remain diligent, humble and stay the course. Stay extremely focused on your goals and crush them one at a time.

Published by Reggie "Love" Cason

Reggie "Love" Cason is your Positive Mindset Motivator...Inspiring you to achieve your goals, elevate you to your success and ignite your purpose in life.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Focus

  1. Thank you for sharing. I can hear you talking as read this post. Kudos to you for operating in your purpose & positively influencing others-myself included-with your God-given gift!

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